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STPGA Announces New Award Breakdown

April 30th, 2014

The STPGA is always looking for ways to better its program, enhance its policies and procedures, and run professional tournaments. Starting this summer in June, the STPGA is changing how many awards will be handed out during tournaments.

In Little Linksters, all divisions will be awarded Top 5 regardless of gender and field size.

For Junior Links and Junior Tour, the amount of medals handed out per division will be based off how many players are in that division. If a division has 12 or more players playing, the Top 5 will be awarded a medal. If less than 12 players are playing, the Top 3 will be awarded a medal. The number of people that are considered to be playing in a tournament is based off how many people tee off during the tournament.

Please note that this change will not affect the standard STPGA policy that if 2 or more people tie for same place, all players will earn that same medal. For example, we have a 3 way tie for second place; all three players will earn a second place medal.

However, if we have a tie for first place in a Junior Tour event, we will have a sudden death playoff to determine the winner. If we have a tie in Junior Links or Little Linksters, both players will earn a 1st place medal and no playoff will take place.

These changes will not affect how points are awarded towards the STPGA Points List and these changes will not affect Team Golf, Prestige Tour events, Championships, and Parent/Juniors.

until Fall Series event registration opens