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The Road to Augusta: Drive Chip & Putt Finalist, T.K. Schultz

March 9th, 2015

Author: Jake Macauley
Each week leading up to the Drive Chip & Putt National Championship, the STPGA will conduct an interview on the four finalists as they prepare for the finals in Augusta. This week, we catch up with T.K. Schultz (Bulverde). 

STPGA: What are you most excited about for your trip to Augusta National?
TS: Driving down Magnolia Lane for the first time seeing Augusta National, and enjoying every second on the hallowed grounds.  I can’t wait to see it for the first time and actually compete there.  What a privilege to celebrate Easter Sunday at Augusta National! 

STPGA: How are you practicing for the DCP Finals?
TS: Every day I practice driving, chipping and putting.  I hit drives on the range and course focusing on keeping the ball in the middle.  I practice chips on greens using targets for chipping spots.  I work on the fundamentals of my putting stroke and try to get ready for the really quick green speeds at Augusta National – my coach has me practicing on hardwood floors and fast putting surfaces.

STPGA: Who all will be traveling to Augusta National to cheer for you? 
TS: My parents, both sets of my grandparents, and some close friends.  Many more school friends, family, and other friends and acquaintances have told me they will be cheering for me on TV.

STPGA: How did the STPGA program prepare you for the DCP Competition? 
TS: I have been playing STPGA tournaments for several years, starting with the Little Linksters up to the Prestige Tour.  The tournaments have been invaluable in developing good friends and helping me become a better competitive golfer.

STPGA: Is there anyone you want to thank for helping you get to this championship?  
TS: I would like to thank:
  • My Mom and Dad who help me every day and support me in everything I do.
  • My grandparents who have supported me in playing golf.
  • My golf coach, Tim Hobby. 
  • My family and friends who have been by my side. 
  • Mr. Lopez, Mr. Montoya, Mr. Lupo -- taekwondo instructors. 
  • Dr. Smith – vision specialist.
  • Junior group golf instructors when I first started playing golf.
  • And most of all, as a Christian, I am thankful to God for helping me have the strength and ability to play golf.
STPGA: What golf course do you practice at in Texas? 
TS: The Club at Sonterra in San Antonio.

STPGA: Do you currently work with a PGA Professional and if so, who? 
TS: Yes, Tim Hobby, Director of Golf Instruction at the Club at Sonterra, since I was six years old.  Coach Hobby played in the 1990 Masters as the 1989 U.S. Amateur Public Links Champion.

STPGA: Besides this, what are your biggest golf accomplishments so far? 
TS: Qualifying for the Drive Chip & Putt National Finals is my biggest single golf accomplishment, but I have won a lot of junior golf tournaments in my age division and have traveled to a lot of interesting places in the U.S. as well as Scotland to play golf.  I have scored below par in a number of rounds and love making birdies!

STPGA: What do you do for fun outside of golf? 
TS: Tennis, fishing, hunting, taekwondo (1st degree black belt), and learning to play the guitar.

STPGA: Any other comments you wish to say?  
TS: I really appreciate the STPGA supporting junior golfers like me and I am honored to represent STPGA at the Drive Chip and Putt National Championship.  I am grateful for the sacrifices of our soldiers like my two fallen cousins, Sgt. Billy W. Bushnell and Spc. Cory W. Burgess, for our freedom.  Through the AJGA Leadership Links and Birdies for Charity programs, I am raising money for the Wounded Warrior Project in their honor so that we never forget. 

Remember to catch all the action of the 2015 Drive Chip & Putt Championship on The Golf Channel, Sunday, April 5. Coverage begins at 7 a.m CT. 
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