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STPGA and TGA Premier Junior Golf Finalize Player Pathway

October 15th, 2014

Author: Jake Macauley
Spring, TX – The Southern Texas PGA (STPGA) has partnered with TGA Premier Junior Golf (TGA) to bring TGA’s innovative Player Pathway to the STPGA and seamlessly transition new and current golfers from schools to STPGA programs, tournaments and PGA Professionals at golf courses.
This is the latest and third partnership of its kind between TGA and PGA Sections. The Northern Texas PGA and Southern California PGA previously partnered and endorsed one of the nation’s leading junior golf programs and initiatives to grow the game at the grass roots level.
“We are excited to finalize a pathway that we feel will grow the game and show our customers how juniors can move up the ladder based off their playing ability,” said Thomas Hutton, Director of Junior Golf for the STPGA. “This is the first time the STPGA has partnered with an organization in the schools and feel that it can only help get more juniors playing more STPGA golf!”
Through joint marketing and branding efforts, both the STPGA and TGA will work together to promote each other’s programs. This includes TGA’s school, community and camp programs and STPGA’s Team Golf, Little Linksters, and Junior Links tournaments.  STPGA will also promote TGA’s franchised business model to its Professionals and parents of its participants. The partnership will funnel students and families from schools and community center programs to STPGA facilities and STPGA Professionals. 

CLICK HERE to view a graphic of the Player Pathway  

CLICK HERE fore more information on the TGA Premier Junior Golf Programs. 
until Fall Series event registration opens