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The Road to Augusta: Drive Chip & Putt Finalist, Daniel Zou

March 3rd, 2015

Author: Jake Macauley
Each week leading up to the Drive Chip & Putt National Championship, the STPGA will conduct an interview on the four finalists as they prepare for the finals in Augusta. This week, Daniel Zou (Humble) tells us how it's going.

STPGA: What are you most excited about for your trip to Augusta National?
DZ: To visit the place where the Masters is held every year, meet the pros and compete in the DCP Finals.

STPGA: How are you practicing for the DCP Finals?
DZ: Unfortunately, I have been recovering from a sore shoulder since early Feburary. I just started some putting and chipping this week. Hopefully I can do full swing in a week or so and have a good practice before the DCP Finals.

STPGA: Who all will be traveling to Augusta National to cheer for you?
DZ: My dad and my mom.

STPGA: How did the STPGA program prepare you for the DCP Competition?
DZ: The Little Linksters program gives me a lot of opportunities to play and complete in tournaments, which will help me for the DCP Competition.

STPGA: Is there anyone you want to thank for helping you get to this championship?
DZ: I want to thank my parents and my coaches, PGA Professionals, Cameron McCormick (Brook Hollow Golf Club) and Corey Lundberg (The Club at Carlton Woods)

STPGA: What golf course do you practice at in Texas?
DZ: I practice at the Golf Club of Houston. I live by the golf course

STPGA: Besides this, what are your biggest golf accomplishments so far?
DZ: Winning the U.S. Kids Golf World Championships for my age divisions in 2012 and 2013.

STPGA: What do you do for fun outside of golf?
DZ: I like to play soccer and tennis. In the summer I go swimming. I also enjoy reading and playing video games with my friend who lives a few blocks from my house.

STPGA: Any other comments you wish to say?
DZ: I'd like to thank the STPGA for their help and support.    
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