Junior Links Tour

Junior Links Tour


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What is Junior Links Tour?

The Junior Links Tour is for juniors who have just begun to play golf or need more experience before playing in our Junior Tour. It consists of 9 hole tournaments during the summer only and is open to juniors ages 13-18.

Junior Links Tour does not have a points list or a Championship.  

Rules of Play- Specific to Junior Links

  1. There is a 10 stroke per hole limit at all Junior Links events. The minute the player has hit their 9 stroke and is not holed out, they must pick-up for a 10. A player may not just pick up their ball prior to their 9th stroke and give themselves a 10. They must hit their 9th shot before picking up for a 10.

Age Divisions and Yardages (may vary based on course and conditions)


Boys 13-14

2700-3000 yards

Boys 15-18

2900-3200 yards

Girls 13-18 2300-2600 yards


2018 Junior Links Tour Spring Series Schedule

Access the schedule here

Event Registration
January events - December 19
February events - January 9
March/April events - February 6

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All players that are a part of the Junior Links Tour can have a caddie. In order to caddie, parents must take part in our caddie program. Below is an outline to follow. 

All Caddies must follow the Code of Conduct set forth in the STPGA Junior Golf Handbook at all times. Failure to follow could suspend or prohibit a parent or adult to caddie for a Junior Links player.

Please take a few moments to view these short caddie video tips. 

If you are on a tablet or mobile device, Click Here to watch these video's 
A few important notes for our caddies
  1. Caddies that were registered in years prior MUST re-register to be an official caddie for the new year prior to their first event. This includes payment of the membership fee AND passing the Caddie Quiz. Those caddies that do not re-register WILL NOT be allowed to caddie for any player until registration is complete.

  2. Caddies are to assist their player during the course of the round. This is not a time for extensive coaching and training. Similar to caddies at the highest level, they assist the player with yardages and club selection and then let the player do the rest. Extensive coaching might result in a caddie not allowing to caddie.

  3. All players in Little Linksters and Junior Links Tour are allowed a Caddie.

  4. All Caddies MUST check in at registration at each tournament in order to Caddie. Similar to years in the past, Caddies will be sent a Caddie Badge after passing the quiz, but still must check in at registration at each tournament. Once you check in at registration with your Caddie Badge, you will receive a bracelet for the day that allows you to caddie.

  5. The maximum stroke limit for Little Linksters and Junior Links Tour is 10, regardless on if the player reaches the green.

  6. Caddies must be an adult or older sibling with a driver’s license.

In order to be a caddie, please follow these two steps.
  1. Click Here to register to be a caddie. It will cost each caddie $30 for the entire year. Once you register you will be sent an ID and password via email. This ID and password is needed to take the quiz.

  2. Click Here to take the quiz. You must score 20 out of 25 in order to pass. Once you have passed the quiz, you are now a Little Linksters Caddie. You will need your ID and password from Step 1 in order to take the quiz.

Click Here to review our short powerpoint presentation on our rules. Please note, that some rules are specific to just Little Linksters and not Junior Links Tour.

Interested in buying a real caddie bib? Click Here to purchase a caddie bib. This is not required in order to caddie with the STPGA.
What do you receive when you become a Caddie?
  • USGA Rules of Golf Book

  • STPGA Hat - picked up at your first summer event

  • STPGA Caddie Badge mailed home.

  • A chance to be a part of the tournament and help your son or daughter