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What is the Junior Tour?

The Junior Tour program is designed to give skilled junior golfers the opportunity to compete in professionally run tournaments against many different people across all of Southern Texas. This program is for juniors ages 11-18. This is the perfect program for juniors in middle to high school golf programs that are looking to truly improve their game in 18 or 36-hole events.

Rules of Play- Specific to Junior Tour

There is a 10 stroke per hole limit at all Junior Tour events. The minute the player has hit their 9 stroke and is not holed out, they must pick-up for a 10. A player may not just pick up their ball prior to their 9th stroke and give themselves a 10. They must hit their 9th shot before picking up for a 10.

*Caddies are NOT allowed during these events. 

Age Divisions and Yardages (may vary based on course and conditions)

Boys 11-12 5400-5800 yards
Boys 13-14 5800-6200 yards
Boys 15-18 6200-6600 yards
Girls 11-12 4900-5300 yards
Girls 13-14 4900-5300 yards
Girls 15-18 4900-5300 yards