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What is the Prestige Tour?

The Prestige Tour is the most competitive program that the STPGA has to offer. It is geared towards the best players in the state of Texas. Started in 2012, this tour has become extremely successful and a great stepping stone for juniors as they prepare for state and national events as well as college golf! This tour is meant for highly skilled players with tournament experience.
Eligibility Requirements
Players must have recorded a score of 85 or better in an STPGA Junior Tour tournament. The first alternative is providing the STPGA with results of 85 or better in two outside tournaments. Another option is sending a Letter of Recommendation from the player's PGA Professional to Becky Dobrzynski.

All players should be able to break 90 in tournament conditions to play on this tour.
The events are open to juniors ages 13-18.  Players will be split into the following 4 divisions:
  • Boys 13-14 (5,900 - 6,300 yards)
  • Boys 15-18 (6,600 - 6,900 yards) 
  • Girls 13-14 (5,600 - 5,900 yards)*
  • Girls 15-18 (5,600 - 5,900 yards)*
    *Girls 13-18 will play the same yardages

The following events are set up to have all boys play from the same yardage.  Awards will be based on separate divisions.
  • New Braunfels Showcase
  • Fredericksburg Open
  • Bay Forest Jr Championship
Since all the girls play from the same yardage at our Prestige Tour events, we will combine the two divisions to make a 13-18 division when awarding exemptions, Player of the Year points, and sending results into the Legends Junior Tour for POY, Junior Golf Scoreboard, Golfweek, and AJGA.  The same procedure will take place for the boys when both divisions play the same yardage.

*Priority Entry System for Legends Junior Tour events only apply for Boys 15-18, Boys 13-14, and Girls 15-18 Divisions.  Players in the Girls 13-14 Division must play up in the Girls 15-18 Division to earn Priority Status in Legends Junior Tour events. 
*Caddies are NOT allowed during these events