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Attention:Division Changes Coming in 2015

November 18th, 2014

Author: Thomas Hutton
As the Southern Texas PGA continues to be one of the leaders in junior golf, it is important to make changes and adjustments that will benefit our members and also continue to provide the best product in the industry.

As 2014 comes to a close with our Fall Series Championships, the STPGA is excited to announce a new division breakdown across all levels that will take effect starting in January with our Spring Series tournaments. 
Team Golf Little Linksters Junior Links Junior Tour Prestige Tour
Co-ed 6-8
Co-ed 9-10
Co-ed 11-12
Co-ed 6-8 5-hole Modified
Co-ed 6-8 9-hole Modified*
Boys 9-10 5-hole Modified
Boys 9-10 9-hole Modified*
Girls 9-10 5-hole Modified
Girls 9-10 9-hole Modified*
Boys 11-12 9-hole Red*

Girls 11-12 9-hole Red*
Boys 13-14
Boys 15-18
Girls 13-14
Girls 15-18
Boys 11-12
Boys 13-14
Boys 15-18
Girls 11-12
Girls 13-14
Girls 15-18
Boys 13-14
Boys 15-18
Girls 13-14
Girls 15-18
*  indicates divisions that will be included in the championships

For Little Linksters our reasons to make these changes were the following:
  • Create new energy around the Little Linksters program
  • The current age gaps were too large--these new divisions allow for more kids to be successful by competing against juniors closer in age
  • For Little Linksters, five divisions will now be included at our championships compared to just three. 
  • In order to help motivate girls to play in Little Linksters, we wanted to create more “girls only” divisions.
  • With the increase growth in Team Golf, we felt modified divisions were no longer needed for 11 or 12 year olds.  If an 11 or 12 year old joins the STPGA, we will encourage them to play Team Golf before Little Linksters. 
  • Even with these changes, all Little Linkster events will still only have three sets of tees at each event: 5-hole Modified (Yellow tees), 9-hole Modified (Blue tees), 9-hole Red (Red tees)
For the Junior Tour and Prestige Tour, we adjusted divisions for these reasons:
  • This aligns us with all junior golf organizations that are part of the Texas Junior Golf Alliance
  • Creates more of a high school division and junior high school division
  • Keeps all of our divisions the same between Prestige Tour and Junior Tour 
The STPGA would like to thank everyone for their continued support of the STPGA.  As the year continues to come to a close, the STPGA will continue to announce more improvements and changes to the 2015 season.    
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