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What is the Little Linksters Program?

The Little Linksters Program is where juniors get the opportunity to participate in tournaments throughout the year geared toward creating lifetime golfers. Junior golfers, ages 6-12, are grouped by age, gender, skill level, and play either 5 or 9 holes.

The program encourages and motivates juniors to learn the game, enjoy the game, improve at their own pace, and be as competitive as each individual aspires.

The program is designed so that once players improve their scores and ability, they move up to the next division. We feel that this type of program allows for players to move at their own pace and also allow the same age juniors to compete at different levels.

How do I know I'm prepared to play Little Linksters?

If you are a returning member you will be placed in the same division as you ended in the previous year. If you are new to the program, you will be placed in the 5 hole division unless a PGA Professional communicates with the STPGA that your child is ready to play 9 holes.

The STPGA strongly encourages juniors to take lessons and clinics from our PGA Professionals.Please call the STPGA office for recommendations on lessons or clinics. 


Age and Hole Divisions

6-8 5-hole Modified Tees
6-8 9-Hole Modified Tees

9-10 5-Hole Modified Tees
9-10 9-Hole Modified Tees
11-12 9-Hole Red Tees

9-10 5-Hole Modified Tees
9-10 9-Hole Modified Tees
11-12 9-Hole Red Tees

CLICK HERE for more information regarding the changes in division breakdown. 

Approximate Yardages and Divisions


Par 3

Par 4

Par 5


All 5-Hole

40-60 yards

100-150 yards

220-250  yards

500-800 yards

Co-Ed 6-8 | Girls 9-10 

60-80 yards

150-200 yards

250-300 yards

1400-1700 yards

Boys 9-10 | Girls 11-12 

80-100 yards

200-250 yards

300-350 yards

1900-2200 yards

Boys 11-12

Forward Tees

Forward Tees

Forward Tees

2300-2600 yards

Please Note: Yardages may be altered or modified at the STPGA staff's discretion due to course layout and weather conditions.

Target Scores for Division Advancement

Once a player starts in a particular division, the only avenue for them to advance into the next division of their age group is by satisfying the below scoring requirements.

  • Currently plays in the 5-hole Modified Division
    • To advance to the 9-hole Modified Division, the player must shoot 8 over par or lower in two events.
  • Example for Division Advancement Requirements
    • A junior who plays in the 5-hole Modified Division on a course with a par of 21, for example (one par 3, two par 4’s, two par 5’s), must post a score of 29 or better in two tournaments to advance to the 9-hole Modified Division.
  • Important Notes
    • All juniors in the 11-12 Age Division will be placed 9-hole Red Division. Those scoring 9-over-par or better are encouraged to participate in the Junior Tour for continued improvement.
    • The Junior Golf Committee and Director of Junior Golf have the authority to move a junior down a division if their tournament scores fall substantially and disrupt the overall tournament atmosphere in their division (pace of play, lack of knowledge on Rules of Golf, etc.)
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