STPGA Foundation Champions

The Southern Texas PGA Foundation is very lucky to have a great group of facilities, companies and individuals who donate every year! We would like to recognize those who have made a contriubtion to our foundation. We are very thankful. 


Lady Bird Johnson GC
Fredricksburg, Texas

Windrose Golf Club
Spring, Texas

Timber Creek Golf Club
Friendswood, Texas

Aquila Inc. 
Babe Zaharis Golf Course
& Bayou Din Golf Club

Beaumont, Texas

Lochinvar Golf Club
Houston, Texas

Riverbend Resort & Golf Club
Brownsville, Texas

Greatwood Golf Club
Sugarland, Texas


Southern Texas PGA Foundation Donors

Barbers Hill Bank
H &H Welding 
Stryker Fuels
RNA Mechanical
Iguana Joe's
Dentistry by RSE
Pipeline Supply Services
Bailey Steel
Specialty Metals 
Texas Farm Bureau
Baytown GMC Buick
Turrentine Insurance Agency
Maverick International 
Strong Sports Management

The Hurt Company
Seal Fast
my TX

Texas Golf Insider 
Rinehart Trucking
Evergreen Fabrication &Industrial
Harrell's Fert & Chem
Southern Ionics

Professional Turf Products
Lagniappe Promotional Products
US Foods 

Gretchen Van Beers
Speer Properties 
USA Fundraisers 

The Hurt Company
Franks Collision 

Family Donations

The Adams'
The Adkins'
The Amelang's
The Amerma's
The Archer's
The Bade's
The Balderas'
The Bale's
The Bardy's
The Barker's
The Baum's
The Beausoleil's
The Becker's
The Bengtson's
The Bigelow's
The Bither's
The Blackburne's
The Boardman's
The Bowen's
The Braband's
The Brashear's
The Brennan's
The Brookins'
The Brown's
The Buehrle's
The Burhans'
The Cajiga's
The Caldwell's
The Campbell's
The Carlson's
The Castano's
The Castillo's
The Chavez's
The Chipman's
The Chumbley's
The Churchill's
The Cisneros's
The Claiborne's
The Cleer's
The Coleman's
The Cooke's
The Cooley's
The Cooper's
The Cowan's
The Cruz's
The D'Avella's

The Darling's
The Davis's
The de la Cabada's
The De la Guardia's
The DeMarco's
The Denson's
The Denton's
The Dickens'
The Dickey's
The Dickhaut's
The DiLeo's
The Douglas'
The Dubois'
The Dunphy's
The Eakin's
The Elliott's
The Emery's
The Ersch's
The Esparza's
The Espino's
The Evans'
The Fairchild's
The Favarato's
The Flores'
The Friedeck's
The Gadkari's
The Gagliano's
The Gagliardi's
The Gallion's
The Galvan's
The Garcia's
The Gardner's
The Garrett's
The Garza's
The Gatrelle's
The Gaudin's
The Giron's
The Gomez's
The Gothia's
The Graves'
The Green's
The Grindall's
The Guerra's
The Guthrie's
The Hall's

The Hancock's
The Hansen's
The Harrington's
The Hassell's
The Haywood's
The Hernandez's
The Hetherly's
The Hill's
The Hillin's
The Holt-Bourland's
The Houthoofd's
The Hubbard's
The Huber's
The Huntsman's
The Hurd's
The Hurlbert's
The Hyde's
The Jaquay's
The Johnston's
The Kelly's

The Khuong's
The Killelea's
The Koay's
The Kosina's
The Kuiters'
The Kuiters'
The Lee's
The LeMaire's
The Li's
The Lippa's
The Loeper's
The Lohman's
The Lopez's
The Lorenz's
The Lou's
The Low's
The Lowe's
The Lozano's

The Lubbe's
The Madden's
The Maggert's
The Massengale's
The McAlister's
The McBride's
The McCabe's
The McClendon's
The McGreevy's
The McHenry's
The McIntosh's
The McNab's
The McNair's
The McWhorter's
The Mead's
The Meche's
The Moore's
The Moryl's
The Murray's
The Muse's
The Newberry Ogrin's

The Ngu's
The Nolley's
The Null's
The Oggero's
The Oommen's
The Osuna's
The Ott's
The Ottmers's
The Pagan's
The Palet's
The Pande's
The Parkinson's
The Parnell's
The Parsons's
The Perez's
The Perlitz's
The Petter-Garcia's
The Phillips's
The Pieper's
The Pitts's
The Powell's
The Power's
The Prejean's
The Prewitt's
The Rabbitt's
The Rachunek's
The Randecker's
The Randle's
The Reese's
The Reyes's
The Rice's
The Richardson's
The Rider's
The Riggs'
The Ritchie's
The Rivera's
The Rizzuti's
The Roberts'
The Robishaw's
The Rodriguez's
The Rodriguez III's
The Rohlfs's
The Roney's
The Ruehl's
The Ryan's
The Sailer's

The Sammons'
The Sanderford's
The Scholtes'
The Scroggins'
The Sebastian's
The Seibert's
The Sevilla-McHargue's
The Shannon's
The Shouse's
The Singh's
The Smetek's
The Smith's
The Solar's
The Sparkman's
The Steele's
The Stewart's
The Story's
The Suell's
The Surber's
The Swenson's
The Teece's

The Tepera's
The Thibodaux's
The Thiry's
The Tietz's
The Tijerina's
The Toronjo's
The Torres's
The Torry's
The Tozer's
The Trevino's
The Tyler's
The Ukpokolo's
The Vann's
The Vicha's
The Virostek's
The Vollmer's
The Vozza's
The Walker's
The Ward's
The Watson's
The West's
The Westbrook's
The Weston's
The White's
The Whitton's
The Williams'
The Wills'
The Wilson's
The Wittschiebe's
The Wolfe's
The Wolford's
The Wong's
The Wright's
The Zachry's
The Zou's


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