STPGA Fall Series Points List

After each tournament during the fall, points will be awarded to decide who receives an invitation to the Fall Series Junior Championships. An outline of how many points are awarded at each event is listed below.

Please note: Since the Bridgestone Golf Prestige Tour has its own Points List and Tour Championship, players will only be invited to the Spring Championship based off the Little Linksters and Junior Tour points list.  Prestige Tour points will NOT be counted on the Junior Tour points list like previous years.  

You must play in at least a nine hole division in order to get points.

PLEASE NOTE:  The Fall Series Championship is an invitation only event and the field is a direct representation of our entire program based off both the amount of people in both metro area and age division.  When looking at the point lists, change the search criteria to your correct metro area and age division.  The invitation breakdown will be sent out in early October. There will be 5 metro areas; Austin, Corpus Christi, Houston, San Antonio, and The Valley. Players can play in any event in any metro area and count towards their point list.  Bryan/College Station players will feed into Austin or Houston depending on what events they play in.  Beaumont players will feed into Houston.  

Click here for the Fall Little Linksters point list.

Click here for the Fall Junior Tour points list.

Little Linksters Points List

Place Points Place Points
1st 400 9th 80
2nd 300 10th 70
3rd 275 11th 60
4th 250 12th 50
5th 225 13th 40
6th 175 14th 30
7th 150 15th 20
8th 100    

Junior Tour Points List

Place One-Day Event Two-Day Event
1st 400 800
2nd 300 600
3rd 275 550
4th 250 500
5th 225 450
6th 175 300
7th 150 200
8th 100 150
9th 80 125
10th 70 100
11th 60 80
12th 50 70
13th 40 60
14th 30 50
15th 20 40
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