Information and Schedule

Information and Schedule


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The Srixon Prestige Tour is the most competitive program that the STPGA has to offer. It is geared towards the best players in the state of Texas. Started in 2012, this tour has become extremely successful and a great stepping stone for juniors as they prepare for state and national events as well as college golf! This tour is meant for highly skilled players with tournament experience.

Eligibility Requirements
Players must have recorded a score of 85 or better in an STPGA Junior Tour tournament. The first alternative is providing the STPGA with results of 85 or better in two outside tournaments. Another option is sending a Letter of Recommendation from the player's PGA Professional to Becky Dobrzynski.

Division Breakdown

  • Boys 13-14 (6,600 - 6,900 yards)

  • Boys 15-18 (6,600 - 6,900 yards)

  • Girls 13-14 (5,600 - 5,900 yards)

  • Girls 15-18 (5,600 - 5,900 yards)

Results Format
Since all of the boys and all of the girls each play from the same respective yardage, the 13-14and 15-18 divisions will be combined into the respective 13-18 division when awarding exemptions, Player of the Year points, and sending results to the Legends Junior Tour for Player of the Year, Junior Golf Scoreboard, Golfweek, and AJGA. Note: specific information regarding these results can be found on each Tournament Information Page. 

Points Challenge
The Southern Texas PGA Srixon Prestige Tour has a year-round points challenge. Points acquired throughout the year will accumulate towards the Boys and Girls 13-14, Boys and Girls 15-18, and new Boys and Girls 13-18 overall divisions Clicgear Points Lists.  After the final Srixon Prestige Tour of the year, the Southern Texas PGA will award the overall Boys and Girls 13-18 Clicgear Points List winners with an exemption into the following year Invitational tournament. The STPGA reserves the right to add additional exemptions at any time. The Clicgear Points List Champions of the Boys 13-14, Girls 13-14, Boys 15-18, and Girls 15-18 will be awarded a new Clicgear Pushcart.

At each Srixon Prestige Tour event, players can earn an exemption into Legends Junior Tour events or national junior events. Some events that the STPGA offers exemptions into include: Byron Nelson Junior Championship, Junior PGA Championship, Texas Cup Invitational, Texas Girls Invitational, and the Texas Junior Amateur to name a few. 





Spring Spring
Summer Summer
Fall Fall
Note: Schedule release dates are as follows: 
Spring – January 15, 2019 
Summer – February 5, 2019 
Fall – July 9, 2019

Priority Status

At Srixon Prestige Tour events, players can also earn Priority Status into Legends Junior Tour events. In 2014, the Legends Junior Tour created a priority entry system for all 'open' events. Players who have distinguished themselves in previous Tier 1 and 2 competitions will be given priority over other players. (See diagram) For more information about Legends Junior Tour Priority Status, Click Here.

For more information about the Legends Junior Tour, visit their website here.

Texas Junior Golf Alliance

Formed in 2012, the goal of the Alliance was to allow junior golfers a clear path to the best tournaments in Texas. Each of the three-tier two organizations (STPGA, NTPGA, HGA) conduct events that serve as qualifiers into the statewide tier one events ran by the Legends Junior Tour (LJT). This allows players to compete in local events, in which they can earn spots to play in statewide tournaments. The Texas Golf Association runs and operates the LJT, which conducts elite-level, statewide junior events, such as the Byron Nelson Junior Championship, Texas Cup Invitational, and Texas Girls Invitational.

Battle Field Promotion

NEW in 2019! The Battle Field promotion was created in 2019 to provide Prestige Tour, NTPGA All-American Tour, and HGA Performance Series players direct access to the Legends Tour. It states, should a player win twice in a calendar year on these three tours with fields larger than 48 players for boys and 18 players for the girls (AJGA required minimum), such player will earn a “Battle Field” promotion to the LJT and would become fully exempt for the remainder of that calendar year and the following year.

Tier System

In 2019, 24 Srixon Prestige Tour events are considered Tier II events.  At each of these events, at least one exemption is up for grabs into a Legends Junior Tour event, and at the same time, points are awarded to the Legends Junior Tour Player of the Year Points List. Click here for more information.



In 2013, the STPGA started a relationship with the AJGA in order to add value to our Prestige Tour and Championship events. In 2019, the STPGA is excited to continue its partnership with the AJGA and the ability to award PBE to specific tournaments throughout the year. The PBE allocation for each tournament is found on each Tournament Information Page. 

Please Note: For any event/age division not guaranteed AJGA PBE status that meets the minimum requirements, upon completion of the event we will submit it to the AJGA for consideration.  These are new numbers for 2019.

Minimum field size requirements are:

  • Boys 13-18: 48 players - 6,600 minimum yardage
  • Girls 13-18: 18 players - 5,600 minimum yardage 

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