Parent Resources

Parent Resources


2019 STPGA Junior Golf Handbook and Hard Card

Please click here to view the STPGA Junior Golf Handbook.

Please click here to view the STPGA Junior Golf Hard Card.

Pace of Play Policy (Circle System)

Division Advancement Request Form

An STPGA Junior Member may request to compete in an older age division. All request shall be submitted to the STPGA through completion of the form below and will be approved or denied based on the junior's previous record (scoring average and tournament experience.)*

Once approved, the junior member may play up in the older age division. However, if the junior competes in more than two STPGA events (regardless of whether or not both events are in the same program, i.e. Little Linksters Program or Junior Tour Program), he/she MUST remain in the older age division of for the remainder of the calendar year.

If after two events the junior does not wish to remain in the older age division, the STPGA Office MUST be contacted prior to competing in the third event. If no contact is made, and the junior golfer begins a third event in the older age group, he/she will not be moved back down to the original age division.

*The STPGA reserves the right to move a player back to their original division if it is determined to be in the best interest of the junior golfer's development.

Click here for the Division Advancement Request Form

Dick Harmon Participation Fund

Click here for the 2019 Dick Harmon Participation Fund Application. Contact Jessica Greenshield at should you have questions regarding this program, or click here for more details.

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