In 2013, the STPGA started a relationship with the AJGA in order to add value to our Prestige Tour and Championship events. 

In 2019, the STPGA is excited to continue its partnership with the AJGA and the ability to award PBE to specific tournaments throughout the year. In 2019, regardless of field size, the following PBE will be awarded at the events in the link below. This link is updated regularly, based on when tournaments are reviewed for PBE. 

The 2019 AJGA allocation PBE Star schedule will be available January 2019.

Please Note: For any event/age division not guaranteed AJGA PBE status that meets the minimum requirements, upon completion of the event we will submit it to the AJGA for consideration.  These are new numbers for 2019.

Minimum field size requirements are:
  • Boys 13-18: 48 players 
  • Girls 13-18: 18 players


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