PGA Professionals - Want to start a team? It's easy!

STPGA Team Golf has two components: Practices/Instruction and Tournaments.  You as the PGA Professional is in charge of the instruction while the STPGA is in charge of the tournaments.

How should I design my instructional component of the program?
PGA Professionals can design the instructional part however they see fit.  Here are a few suggestions:
Program #1: 6-3-3 Model
  • Recruit 6 junior golfers between the ages of 6-12 that are new to golf
  • Hold 3 practices over three straight weeks
  • Play in 3 tournaments once the three practices are done
  • All 6 juniors participate in this 6 week program.
  • Price for one junior would be $225 which would include
    • $65 - STPGA Junior Golf membership
    • $60 - 3 STPGA Team Golf tournaments ($20 per event)
    • $100 - money that goes to the PGA Professional
  • Perfect program for a club with small junior golf numbers
Program #2: Monthly Team Golf Practices
  • Recruit between 8-10 golfers between the ages of 6-12 that are new to golf
  • Charge a junior $100 a month to be a part of your Team Golf Program
  • The PGA Professional runs 1 Practice a week running an hour long - 4 practices per month
  • With the help from the parents and availability, the PGA Professional picks however many tournaments they would like to see his or her team play in
  • Send in your team’s roster one week prior to the STPGA for the event your team can attend
  • A junior must be in the Team Golf program in order to play in the team during an event
  • Perfect program for a club that does junior programs throughout the year with new junior golfers signing up each month

What do I need to do to sign up my Team for a tournament?

At least 7 days before a Team Golf event, the PGA Professional must send the STPGA a roster of who is going to play in the event.  The STPGA will then email the players an invitation to sign up for the event.

What does a tournament look like?
  • 5-8 Teams would be at one event with a shot-gun start
  • $20 per player to register for an event
    • Each player needs to also be an STPGA Junior Golf member
  • 1st – 3rd place team awarded, no individual awards
  • STPGA Staff members will run the event, coaches are not required to be onsite during events
Do all my juniors need to be STPGA Junior Golf to play in a Team Golf Event?

Yes, all Team Golf participants MUST be STPGA Junior Golf members. The juniors can also play in the Little Linksters Program as well as Team Golf

For additional information about the program, Click Here, for a one page flyer.  
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